Playdek and Wizards of the Coast uniting for Dungeons & Dragons boardgame conversion
By James Gilmour 27 March 2013
Game Name: Playdek news | Manufacturer: Playdek | Format: iPhone, iPad
California-based publisher Playdek is teaming up with Magic 2013 publisher Wizards of the Coast to deliver a Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) boardgame on iOS this year.

According to a report by Pocket Tactics, Playdek, which publishes the Ascension card game series, revealed the partnership at PAX East last week, and confirmed it in a press release last night.

What we don't yet know is which tabletop D&D game Playdek and Wizards of the Coast are planning to port across to iOS.

One in twenty

One obvious contender for an iOS adaptation is Dungeons & Dragons: The Fantasy Adventure Board Game.

However, if that game is deemed too heavy-duty for iPad, then the Magic 2014 (due out this year on iOS and Android) publisher has plenty of D&D properties from which to choose.

Whichever Dungeons & Dragons game Playdek and Wizards of the Coast opt for, we'll be able to see the fruits of their labours on iOS "later this year".
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