[Update] Pixel People - the complete guide to residences and buildings
By Mark Brown 14 February 2013
Game Name: Pixel People | Developer: LambdaMu Games | Publisher: Chillingo | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Simulation
Welcome to the first part of our comprehensive guide to Chillingo's extraterrestrial gene-splicing freemium hit Pixel People.

To construct your perfect Pixel People metropolis, you'll need to unlock a huge number of different buildings.

Buildings generate income, and provide spaces for your pixellated citizens to work.

You unlock these buildings as you play. If you splice the profession that is directly linked to each building, it will appear in your city.

Some buildings offer a special feature - like letting you change the backdrop of the game - or open up a list of achievements. Simply tap on the building to find these bonus functions.

Check back with Pocket Gamer soon for guides to animals, professions, and other general tips.

Update (February 14th): Added Dating Agency to Services.

Pixel PeopleRadio Station

Jobs: Disc Jockey, Songwriter, Vocalist
Pixel PeopleStable

Jobs: Jockey, Cattle Rustler, Shepherd
Pixel PeopleStadium

Jobs: Athlete, Cheerleader, Coach, Footballer, Referee, Cattle Rustler
Pixel PeopleNews Agency

Jobs: Reporter, Weather Reporter, Food Critic
Pixel PeopleMuseum

Jobs: Archaeologist, Paleontologist, Historian
Pixel PeopleDojo

Jobs: Martial Artist, Ninja, Sensei
Pixel PeopleCircus

Jobs: Clown, Matador, Ringmaster, Magician, Genie, Carpenter
Pixel PeopleAquarium

Jobs: Marine Biologist, Zoologist, Deep Sea Diver, Zoologist
Pixel PeopleSwimming Pool

Jobs: Lifeguard, Olympic Swimmer, Swimsuit Model
Pixel PeopleArcade

Jobs: Game Designer, Programmer, Artist
Pixel PeopleSpa

Jobs: Physiotherapist, Hotel Manager
Pixel PeopleTheatre

Jobs: Actor, Director, Valet
Pixel PeopleArena

Jobs: Wrestler, Referee, Physiotherapist

Pixel People Sheriff's Office

Jobs: Sheriff, Deputy

Special Feature: See game credits
Pixel People Arrival Center

Jobs: Mechanic

Special Feature: Where new clones arrive to be gene-spliced
 Pixel PeoplePost Office

Jobs: Mailman, Postmaster General, Courier
 Pixel PeopleLibrary

Jobs: Librarian, Editor, Poet
 Pixel PeoplePolice Station

Jobs: Detective, Police Officer, Deputy

Special Feature: See achievements
Pixel People Town Hall

Jobs: Mayor, Assistant, Architect

Special Feature: Adjust settings, receive hints, buy in-app purchases
Pixel People Forensic Lab

Jobs: CSI, Forensic Scientist, Detective
 Pixel PeopleBunker

Jobs: General, Marine, Soldier
 Pixel PeopleCourthouse

Jobs: Judge, Lawyer, Police Officer
 Pixel PeopleBank

Jobs: Secretary, Accountant, Police Officer

Special Feature: Fully occupied buildings make double money

Pixel PeoplePark

Jobs: Zookeeper, Taxidermist, Park Ranger

Special Features: Unlocks decorations
Pixel PeopleGreenhouse

Jobs: Botanist, Gardener, Farmer
Pixel PeopleResearch Lab

Jobs: Zoologist, Scientist, Cryptozoologist

Special Feature: Reduce heart quota (requires 10u)
Pixel PeopleLakehouse

Jobs: Fishmonger, Captain, First Mate

Special Feature: Unlock waterways
Pixel PeopleUtopium Mine

Jobs: Engineer, Miner, Geologist

Special Feature: You can receive new Utopium every day
Pixel PeopleGene Pool

Jobs: Geneticist, Scientist, Doctor

Special Feature: Reproduction available in residential buildings
Pixel PeopleObservatory

Jobs: Astronomer, Geologist, Aerospace Engineer

Special Feature: Change space backdrop
Pixel PeopleSchool of Magic

Jobs: Wizard, Apprentice, Magician
Pixel PeopleSpace Admin

Jobs: Astronaut, Aerospace Engineer, Astronomer
Pixel PeopleUniversity

Jobs: Mathematician, Philosopher, Physicist
Pixel PeopleSpace Port

Jobs: Pilot, Flight Attendant, Flight Controller
Pixel PeopleFarm

Jobs: Farmer, Homemaker, Winemaker

Pixel PeoplePharmacy

Jobs: Pharmacist, Nurse, Accountant
Pixel PeopleLaw Firm

Jobs: Lawyer, Assistant, Detective
Pixel PeopleFarmer's Market

Jobs: Greengrocer, Milkmonger, Homemaker, Farmer, Florist, Fishmonger
Pixel PeopleBusiness Center

Jobs: Accountant, Secretary, Mathematician
Pixel PeopleCity Square

Jobs: Plumber, Baker, Carpenter, Watchmaker, Janitor, Tailor
 TBABuilding Firm

Jobs: Architect, Painter, Real Estate Agent

Special Feature: Lets you buy buildings
Pixel PeopleHotel Utopia

Jobs: Receptionist, Hotel Manager, Valet
Pixel PeopleEnterprise

Jobs: Industrialist, Secretary, Receptionist

Special Feature: All businesses work on longer cycles (in-app purchase)
Pixel PeopleFlower Shop

Job: Florist
Pixel PeopleNursery

Jobs: Landscaper, Gardener, Florist

Special Feature: Unlock trees

Pixel PeopleTV Station

Jobs: Reporter, Cameraman, Writer
Pixel PeopleAd Agency

Jobs: None
Pixel PeopleDance Studio

Jobs: Choreographer, Ballet Dancer, Break Dancer, Rapper, Cheerleader, Disc Jockey
Pixel PeoplePhoto Shop

Jobs: Photographer, Model, Cameraman
Pixel PeoplePublishing House

Jobs: Editor, Writer, Lawyer
Pixel PeopleWeddings R Us

Jobs: Wedding Planner, Photographer, Tailor
Pixel PeopleGallery

Jobs: Art Dealer, Artist, Calligrapher, Interior Designer, Photographer, Poet
Pixel PeopleFilm Studio

Jobs: Director, Actor, Stunt Double
Pixel PeopleFashion Studio

Jobs: Model, Swimsuit Model, Tailor

Food & Beverage
Pixel PeopleRestaurant

Jobs: Chef, Waiter, Songwriter
Pixel PeopleSushi Bar

Job: Sushi Chef
Pixel PeopleDiner

Jobs: Waiter, Cook, Janitor
Pixel PeopleFast Food

Jobs: Cook, Janitor, Plumber
Pixel PeopleBar

Jobs: Comic, Bartender, Vocalist
Pixel PeopleCafe

Jobs: Barista, Poet, Writer
Pixel PeopleTavern

Jobs: Bartender, Buccaneer, Time Traveller, Deep Sea Diver, Genie, Cryptozoologist

 Pixel PeopleNinja HQ

Jobs: Ninja, Secret Agent, Greengrocer
Pixel PeopleDentist

Jobs: Dentist, Radiologist, Receptionist
Pixel PeopleFire Station

Jobs: Firefighter, Paramedic
Pixel PeopleHero House

Jobs: Super Hero, Atomic Hero, Anti Hero, Ancient Hero, Secret Agent
Pixel PeopleTech Support

Jobs: Programmer, System Admin, Mathematician

Special Feature: Upgrade buildings
Pixel PeopleFuneral Parlor

Jobs: Coroner, Grave Digger, Landscaper
Pixel PeopleHospital

Jobs: Radiologist, Nurse, Doctor
Pixel PeopleAnimal Shelter

Jobs: Animal Trainer, Vet, Zoologist
Pixel PeopleConstruction Yard

Jobs: Construction Worker, Painter, Mechanical Engineer
Pixel PeopleAstro Church

Jobs: Preacher, Ancient Hero, Oracle

Special Feature: Offers up hourly tips
Pixel PeopleFortune Teller

Jobs: Oracle

Special Feature: Offers a daily hint
Pixel PeopleGarage

Jobs: Car Designer, Mechanical Engineer, Engineer
Pixel PeopleClinic

Jobs: Doctor, Nurse, Physiotherapist
Pixel PeopleAltar

Job: Centaur
Pixel PeopleDating Agency

Jobs: Dating Advisor, Matchmaker

Pixel PeopleRocky Mansions

Land Cost: 1
Capacity: 2
Cost: 5,000 Coins
Build Time: 2 minutes
Pixel PeopleTerra Terrace

Land Cost: 2
Capacity: 4
Cost: 12,000 Coins
Build Time: 4 minutes
Pixel PeopleSolar Nexus

Land Cost: 3
Capacity: 6
Cost: 20,000 Coins
Build Time: 8 minutes
Pixel PeopleAtomic Cottage

Land Cost: 1
Capacity: 4
Cost: 30,000 Coins, 3u
Build Time: 2 hours

Unlocked at 60 land
Pixel PeopleHeavenly House

Land Cost: 3
Capacity: 6
Cost: 60,000 Coins, 3u
Build Time: 3 hours

Unlocked at 60 land
Pixel PeopleShiny Tower

Land Cost: 1
Capacity: 6
Cost: 200,000 Coins, 6u
Build Time: 1 day

Unlocked at 110 land
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