Pixel-art city builder Pixel People bringing cloning to the App Store at midnight
By James Gilmour 30 January 2013
Game Name: Pixel People | Developer: LambdaMu Games | Publisher: Chillingo | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Simulation
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Have you ever dreamt of building your very own space colony and then populating said colony with pixel-art clones?

Well, luckily for you, developer LambdaMu, in association with publisher Chillingo, has answered your oddly specific prayer with Pixel People, a freemium city builder set to hit the App Store at midnight.

In Pixel People, you are put in charge of Utopia, an off-world colony in dire need of denizens.

As the city's designated town planner-cum-gene splicer, then, you have to create new citizens via the in-no-way-controversial practice of cloning.

As with most city-building games, Pixel People is an isometric, grid-based sim based around job creation and resource management.

To stimulate the economy, you'll need to create extra workers with specific skillsets. You 'fashion' these workers by splicing together residents with desirable attributes.

For example, fuse a mechanic and a mayor at a molecular-genetic level, and you will spawn an engineer.

Utopia can hold up to 150 of these clones, who must work, prosper, and even fall in love if the city is to flourish.

Financial management

Because this is a freemium release, Pixel People does contain a premium currency system (Utopium). You can buy Utopium via in-app purchases or earn the currency through play.

You'll be able to download Pixel People for iPhone and iPad for free from midnight tonight.
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