Twisty Silver Award-winning reaction puzzler Pivvot is now free on the App Store
By Harry Slater 12 September 2013
Game Name: Pivvot | Developer: Fixpoint Productions | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Arcade
If you're a cheapskate and you're looking for a fast-paced reaction-testing puzzler with simple controls and a stark, minimalist art style, you were probably thinking today wasn't going to be your day.

Well, good news. It IS your lucky day.

That's because Fixpoint Productions's Silver Award-winning ball swinger Pivvot is now available on the App Store for nothing at all.

In this game, you lead a ball through a series of spikes and obstacles trying desperately hard not to touch any of them. Said ball pivots around a point on the track, and you can only swing it left or right around that pivot.

What starts off as a reasonably sedate riff on a maze game soon becomes a manic mess of twitchy reaction timing as you try and dart into gaps that seem impossible.

At review, we called Pivvot "a game that brilliantly balances difficulty and reward, and asks you to twist your mind into a novel new shape in order to conquer its deeper challenges".

If that sounds like it might be up your street, why not head on over to the App Store and grab Pivvot for the super-cheap price of zip.
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