Papa Sangre II is on spooky sale for creepy iPads and vaguely threatening iPhones
By Harry Slater 14 November 2013
Game Name: Papa Sangre II | Developer: Somethin' Else | Publisher: Playground Publishing | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Music/ Rhythm, Simulation
Spooky iOS audio adventure Papa Sangre II has had its price slashed. Probably by some vengeful spirit that's trapped in the afterlife.

Or by developer Somethin' Else. One of the two.

In Papa Sangre II, you wander around the realms of the dead, guided only by your ears. Sean Bean talks to you, by the way. Oh, and sometimes you have to spin around on the spot.

We gave the game a Gold Award when we reviewed it, saying that "if you're willing to get involved with Papa Sangre II, and let yourself be taken over by the ingenious design, then you'll find a brilliant, occasionally chilling adventure that stands among the best experiences iOS gaming has to offer."

And now you can bag all of that for just 69p / 99c, which is a shockingly good deal.

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