You can now hack other players from around the world in PWN: Combat Hacking
By Anthony Usher 18 June 2013
Game Name: PWN: Combat Hacking | Publisher: 82 Inc. | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Strategy
Back in March, Erik Asmussen's independent publishing company 82 Inc. released a neon-lit iPhone and iPad strategy title called PWN: Combat Hacking.

We loved PWN: Combat Hacking here at Pocket Gamer.

We loved it so much, in fact, that we handed it one of our shiny Silver Awards. Oh, and we called it a "ferociously intense multiplayer-focused real-time strategy game".

We did have a couple of complaints, mind. At launch, PWN: Combat Hacking featured local Bluetooth-based multiplayer gameplay only, which was slightly disappointing.

Good news, though, folks: 82 Inc. has just updated PWN: Combat Hacking with an online multiplayer mode. So, yeah, you can now compete against random players from around the world.

This update also includes a completely revamped single-player campaign in which you earn skill points and level-up every time you defeat an enemy.

There's iCloud support now, too, by the way, so your progress will automatically be synced across your many iOS-powered gadgets.

You can grab PWN: Combat Hacking from the App Store for £1.49 / $1.99 right this second.
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