New race prepares for battle in huge Order & Chaos Online update
By Jeremy Thackray 20 December 2012
Game Name: Order & Chaos Online | Developer: Gameloft | Publisher: Gameloft | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Adventure, Multiplayer, RPG
Gameloft's coding mages have turned their Wands of Epic Development on Order & Chaos Online, with the result being that every player has been turned into a frog.

Only joking.

Gameloft's programmers have actually conjured up a whacking great upgrade for the iOS version of the French studio's popular MMORPG.

Mr Mendel

Top of the list of fresh features in Order & Chaos Online version 2.0.0 is a new playable race, entitled the Mendels.

These blue, beardy gnome-like types don't side with the goody elves and men OR the baddy orcs and undead, raising the intriguing prospect that the game will soon be renamed Order & Chaos & Those Chaps in the Middle Online.

In terms of backstory, these new kids on the block have just been released from slavery, and have their own starting area under Tanned Island.

Mendel players can also ride into battle on some unique mounts. In light of that, all the other races now have new passive skills to deal with the three-foot-tall menace.

If you'd rather stick with your maxed-out main character, though, you'll be delighted to read Gameloft has introduced a new dungeon, Eidolon's Horizon.

On the more technical side, organised raiders will be glad to learn that voice chat has finally been implemented into Order & Chaos Online.

Furthermore, Gameloft has enhanced the game's graphics (on certain devices), introduced a Daily Bonus system, and improved the UI. Boy, those Gameloft coders definitely deserve their Xmas break this year.

Oh, and as if all those new features weren't enough, the price of Order & Chaos Online has tumbled from a fiver to 69p / 99c. Merry Christmas, MMO fans.
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