Seek revenge in '80s-styled stickman shooter Optical Inquisitor
By Chris Priestman 30 September 2013
Game Name: Optical Inquisitor | Developer: Vlad Ren | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action
If a game developer opens his game with the scope of a sniper rifle and follows that up with the exploding head of a stickman, said game is likely to draw comparisons with Sniper Shooter.

But there's much more to Vlad Ren's Optical Inquisitor than meets the clone-obsessed eye.

It's imbued with the glam style of the '80s, for one thing. And that extends to the soundtrack AND setting.

There's a story of revenge at Optical Inquisitor's heart, mind. It's about Tommy Rissken systematically killing those who betrayed him and landed him in jail. After the deed is done, he'll finally be reunited with his daughter.

Serial murder

It's not just a game in which you cause bloody murder with a sniper rifle, though. Tommy is a little more ambitious and experimental than that.

You'll drag his victims around a field, attached to the car you slide around in the mud. You'll yank off their limbs while they're tied to trees. You'll shoot billboards so that they come loose and crush your victims underneath.

Outside of mere murder, you can earn money in racing and underground gambling. With the coin you earn, you can build a new gun that you assemble yourself.

Optical Inquisitor is so brutal, to be honest, that there's no guarantee Apple will approve it. We'll have to wait and see what The Big A thinks of it.

With that uncertainly in mind, perhaps, Vlad Ren hasn't confirmed a release date for Optical Inquisitor.

We do know, however, that it will - if approved - be available as a Universal app on the App Store. Fingers crossed.
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