NBA Rush is a basketball-based alien-smashing endless-runner for iPhone and iPad
By Harry Slater 17 January 2014
Game Name: NBA Rush | Publisher: RenRen Games | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Arcade, Endless running

Oh, no, there's been an alien invasion!

And due to plot and marketing reasons, the only people who can save the earth are basketball stars from the NBA. And the only way they can do it is by running... endlessly.

That's NBA Rush for iOS for you in a nutshell. A big stupid nutshell.

And the odd thing is it's not as terrible as you might expect. It's a pretty generic over-the-shoulder endless-runner, sure. But there are a few neat touches here that actually make it pretty playable. Like dunking special moves and head-bouncing alien takedowns.

Okay, it's not going to make you re-evaluate your life choices. And you won't remember its name next week. As weird free-to-play concepts go, though, it's not too shabby.
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