Explode colour and geometry to sculpt the playable world of abstract top-down shooter Myriad
By Chris Priestman 19 September 2013
Game Name: Myriad | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action
I hope you're awake. Because you certainly will be after subjecting your eyes to upcoming iOS gameĀ Myriad.

Ever peered into a kaleidoscope? Myriad is a bit like that, except there's a little triangle inside, diving through the colours and causing explosions to spread further patterns. That's you.

You shoot enemies, and they leave behind coloured space that you can move, manipulate and explode. You can create chains of explosions that upgrade your weapon.

The game's playable world is contained within the circles, and it's a world that you can alter to how you see fit.

You canĀ use bigger enemies to bash smaller ones by moving the playable area. Or swipe the ground away and fall towards it to dodge.

You might want to chase high scores by shooting as many enemies as possible. Others may be satisfied with conducting sound and colour. The music is great too, by the way.

Developer Erlend Grefsrud has informed us that, once the desktop versions of Myriad are released, the game will also arrive on iOS "eventually". We can't wait.
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