Volatile platformer Ms. Splosion Man will burst onto the App Store next week
By James Gilmour 22 March 2013
Game Name: Ms. Splosion Man | Developer: Twisted Pixel Games | Publisher: Microsoft Studios | Format: iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone | Genre: Action, Platform
Twisted Pixel's platforming sequel Ms. Splosion Man will burst onto iOS sometime next week.

Picking up the dynamite baton from 2009's XBLA hit 'Splosion Man, Twisted Pixel's feminine follow-up charts the explosive exploits of another lab experiment gone awry.

This time out, the series's notoriously unreliable scientists have created a volatile humanoid made entirely of combustible matter.

Assuming control of this female firecracker, you must guide her through a number of levels, solving puzzles and defeating enemies as you go.

Like the first game's protagonist, Ms. Splosion Man relies on explosions rather than a 'jump' button to clear gaps and progress to higher ground.

This App Store-friendly version of Ms. Splosion Man will also contain some iOS-exclusive power-ups, including a bullet time option and the impressive-sounding "nuclear 'splode".

We look forward to finding out whether Ms. Splosion Man on iOS can make our hearts go 'boom' next week.

Twisted Pixel has confirmed - once again - that Ms. Splosion Man is also heading to Windows Phone in the not-too-distant future.

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