Foursaken Media will head out into the wilderness this summer with Monster Adventures for iOS
By Harry Slater 07 May 2013
Game Name: Monster Adventures | Developer: Foursaken Media | Publisher: Foursaken Media | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG | Networking: wireless (adhoc),wireless (network)
Foursaken Media likes to mash genres up.

Take its last game, for example. Block Fortress was a mix of Minecraft-style block building and tower defence with a sprinkling of FPS elements thrown in for good measure.

It's no surprise, then, to discover that the next Foursaken iOS title will contain roguelike randomly generated content mixed with Pokemon-style monster collecting and PvP online battles.

Entitled Monster Adventures, this upcoming game is an RPG of sorts in which you wander around various random dungeons collecting monster essence and seeing how far you can push your luck before you need to run back to town to lick your wounds.

While there's no permadeath in Monster Adventures, you will lose all of the items and experience you've collected out in the wild if you die there. On the flip side, though, the size of your reward is directly proportional to your ambition. So, the more you explore, the greater your reward.

That balance of risk and reward could result in some interesting scenarios, for you'll need to weigh up pushing on to finding the better loot that's deeper into the level with making it back out alive.

You'll get to customise your monster, too, with Monster Adventures boasting 50 different essences and five different elements.

Right now, the game is about 75 percent complete. Foursaken Media is aiming to launch Monster Adventures onto a suspecting App Store public in the summer.

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