Gorgeous genre hybrid Momonga Pinball Adventures makes pinball exciting again
By James Gilmour 17 January 2013
Game Name: Momonga Pinball Adventures | Developer: Paladin Studios | Publisher: Paladin Studios | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Adventure, Platform
Pinball games are fun and all, but, to be honest, we've always thought they were missing one vital ingredient.

Yes, a flying squirrel.

Thankfully, Paladin Studios has stepped up to address this schoolboy error with its gorgeous new iPhone and iPad release Momonga Pinball Adventures.

Momonga Pinball Adventures is a unique fusion of classic pinball mechanics and top-down adventuring. No, honestly.

In Momonga Pinball Adventures, you play as Momo, a Japanese flying squirrel whose clan has been attacked by a band of evil owls.

As the lone survivor of the ambush, you enlist the help of a Panda sensei to train you in the ways of, well, being a furry pinball.

Turning the tables

Rather than just build traditional pinball tables into its game, Paladin Studios has created rich multi-tiered outdoor environments, then strategically inserted pinball flippers amid the foliage.

With Momo curled up into a fluffy sphere, you can ping him around these levels, destroying targets, collecting stars, and defeating enemies.

Levels often span several zones, which Momo must leap between with the help of handily placed jump pads.

Occasionally, Momo will spring into the air, and use his innate gift for flight to glide through canyons. You control these flying sections by tilting your device, which allows you to steer Momo into hovering trails of stars.

In total, the first episode of Momonga Pinball Adventure boasts nine levels, with each level containing five different challenges (collect all stars, destroy all boxes, etc.).

Once you've completed the lot, you can choose to test your skills and chase high scores in an endless-flying bonus round.

Flip, yeah!

Despite its reasonably short running time - it's only the first chapter of a planned three, after all - we think Momonga Pinball Adventures is an ingenious idea presented in a beautiful manner. It's also a welcome breath of fresh air for the pinball genre.

You can purchase Momonga Pinball Adventures for 69p / 99c from the App Store right now.

Unfortunately, Android users will have to wait a little for the Google Play version, though Paladin Studios says it'll be available "as soon as possible".
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