Mikey Shorts sequel Mikey Hooks submitted to Apple, due out soon
By Matthew Diener 23 July 2013
Game Name: Mikey Hooks | Developer: BeaverTap Games | Publisher: BeaverTap Games | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Platform
BeaverTap Games announced that Mikey Hooks, the sequel to the Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning Mikey Shorts, has finally been submitted to Apple.

We've been following the progress of this swinging platformer closely and had BeaverTap show it off to us at GDC 2013. From what we've seen, it definitely looks like one to be excited about.

While it retains the retro art style of Mikey Shorts, it adds a new hookshot dynamic reminiscent of the classic NES title Bionic Commando that allows Mikey to hook onto the environment and swing across pits.

Additionally, parts of the environment - and enemies - can now hurt Mikey, so there are new elements of challenge and danger to consider.

Hook short

TouchArcade reports that Mikey Hooks will feature 36 levels spread across six game environments and more than 220 new disguises to wear.

36 levels might not sound like a lot but, like Mikey Shorts, part Mikey Hooks' allure comes from chasing down high scores through speedruns.

We'll have a release date once Apple gives Mikey Hooks its stamp of approval, until then enjoy the new trailer below.

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