Boys keep swinging: BeaverTap catches some air with Mikey Hooks
By Jon Jordan 03 April 2013
Game Name: Mikey Hooks | Developer: BeaverTap Games | Publisher: BeaverTap Games | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Platform
One of the most enjoyable - if exhausting parts - of GDC 2013 was the Big Indie Pitch.

Organised and scheduled by Jeff Scott from 148Apps (or the school master as we now call him), it combined 24 game developers and 10 journalists in a busy 2 hour period.

That meant just 5 minutes per team but even within those constraints, we saw some gems.

Mikey's back in town

One such is BeaverTap Games' Mikey Hooks.

After all, it's the sequel to the critical acclaimed platformer Mikey Shorts - this time with the addition of a hooking mechanism.

As developer Mike Meade explains in the video below, it was inspired by love for Rocketcat's Hook Champ.

Meade says hooking adds a new element of timing, as well as enabling him to add more enemies and obstacles such as spiked robots, electricity, stars and bottomless pits.

Luckily, you get three hearts at the start of each level.

There are six themed environments in the Story mode and also a new race mode, against ghost players.

Of course, the game's retro art remains firmly in place. 

Mikey Hooks is coming to iOS, probably in May, likely priced at $1.99.

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