Pit a new hero against the city's Most Wanted in Middle Manager of Justice update
By James Gilmour 03 April 2013
Game Name: Middle Manager of Justice | Developer: Double Fine | Publisher: Dracogen Strategic Investments | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Strategy
Double Fine has just updated its superhero management sim Middle Manager of Justice with new thugs, an extra hero, and a pile of power-buffing meteors.

With criminals crawling out of every crack in the city, it can be difficult to keep track of the villains that are currently at large.

Luckily, you now have access to the list of Most Wanted Thugs. Handy, eh.

With this mug shot sheet on your virtual desk, you can check out the specifics of these big-time undesirables, and work your way through the list in a sensible, organised fashion.

Given there are some new crims roaming the Middle Manager of Justice's streets, you're going to need a new recruit back at Hero HQ. Enter Gloomerang, a committed vigilante with a love of shadows and a strong distaste for crime.

If you need to power up your league of justice further still, then you can now scoop up powerful meteorites from the streets. These solid pieces of debris will give your superheroes an extra boost.

Finally, if you're feeling green-fingered, you'll be delighted to discover there's now a Superium tree you can plant in the office for extra, well, Superium.

The Middle Manager of Justice update is waiting for you on the App Store right now.
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