New iOS game Microtrip has you bumping and squeezing through the innards of a strange creature
By Chris Priestman 07 March 2014
Game Name: Microtrip | Developer: Madpxl | Publisher: Madpxl | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Arcade
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I wish my insides were as vibrant as the strange creature's innards in Microtrip.

Candy pinks, calm blues, and plump purples enliven your journey - as a small hungry blob - down through the guts of this creature.

Microtrip, then, is as simple as tilt-action arcade games get.

Squeeze in

You steer the blob, bouncing off and squeezing through fleshy shapes and tunnels as you go. Green goo slows you down, while the black cells grin to hide their evil intentions.

I love how the blob physically squishes up with every nudge and bump that comes its way, adding a sense of weight to the game.

Your goal is to travel as far down into the procedurally generated depths of these innards as you can. If you don't keep eating the white cells or effectively dodge the monsters, your life will end and your score will be recorded.

On the odd occasion, you'll be able to consume a pill, which grants the blob temporary 'powers' (like becoming huge or falling faster).

Microtrip offers a dose of happiness to cheer you up on a miserable afternoon. And you can buy it from the App Store for 69p / 99c right now. An Android version is on the way.
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