[Update] Konami's Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops sneaks onto Apple's Japanese App Store
By Anthony Usher 05 December 2012
Game Name: Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops | Developer: Kojima Productions | Publisher: GREE | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action
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Updated on December 5th, at 10:45: The game is also available on Android, over at Google Play. Once again, it's only available in Japan for the time being.

Solid Snake and several other popular characters from the Metal Gear Solid franchise have successfully infiltrated Apple's Japanese App Store.

Yes, Konami has finally released free-to-play card-based role-playing game Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops, which the firm announced back in August at a special 25th anniversary MGS-themed event.

Social Ops's App Store description is, naturally, in Japanese, so gameplay details are a little scarce. Still, we do know that you take on the role of Snake.

You'll spend the majority of your time trying to create an elite team of hardened special ops infiltrators that will help you take down the game's antagonist, and taking part in Metal Gear Ac!d-style battles using the cards you collect as you progress.

Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops will apparently be available worldwide before the end of this year.
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