Auto-run free to play Mega Man Xover lands on Japanese App Store
By Jon Mundy 29 November 2012
Game Name: Mega Man Xover | Developer: Capcom Mobile | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: RPG
Capcom's favourite (well, maybe second or third favourite) son Mega Man has arrived on iOS in a brand new game, called Mega Man Xover.

Actually, it's a little more complicated than that.

The game has in fact landed on the Japanese App Store - there's no news of a UK release just yet. Oh, and it's not called Mega Man Xover either.

Allow us to explain. Over in Japan, Mega Man is known as Rockman - and as that's his country of birth, who are we to argue that ours is right? So, this new game is actually called Rockman Xover in the land of the rising sun.

Still, it's the same game that Capcom announced back in August to celebrate the identity-challenged robotic one's upcoming 25th anniversary.

As it turns out, this appears to mean an endless runner mixed in with card-battling RPG elements. Mega Man legs it from left to right, leaving you to jump and shoot, while boss battles take on a turn-based flavour.

From what we can gather you also collect cards that can be used to merge the abilities of various characters from Mega Man history to form the ultimate Mega Man warrior.

It all sounds rather quirky. We're intrigued to see how it plays, so hopefully we'll have news of a Western release soon.
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