Ambient puzzler Lost Toys to get Zen Mode, Android version soon
By Matthew Diener 16 January 2014
Game Name: Lost Toys | Developer: Barking Mouse Studio | Publisher: Barking Mouse Studio | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Brain training, Puzzle
The developer behind the atmospheric puzzler Lost Toys has announced that it has a few tricks in store for its debut title.

Speaking to Pocket Gamer Biz in an interview, co-creator Danielle Swank noted that Barking Mouse is planning an Android release of Lost Toys "in the next few months".

More intriguing, however, was a teased update that includes a new, turn-free way to play through the puzzles of Lost Toys.

"We're going to release a zen mode, without turn limits, in the next week or so because a few people have commented about how they don't like the turn limits."

Tinker toys

Swank was also careful to note that Lost Toys is not "a finished work" but rather "just a launched work" - so there's always a chance for more updates and gameplay enhancements in the weeks and months ahead.

That's probably for the best, as we said the game "never quite gels together into an entertaining experience" in our 6/10 review.
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