Get lost in the hand-drawn artwork of Liege, an upcoming turn-based RPG for iOS
By Matthew Diener 23 April 2013
Game Name: Liege | Publisher: Coda Games | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: RPG
I'm not quite sure when hand-drawn artwork became a thing for mobile RPGs, but the new trend to shirk pixels for hand-drawn artwork has done wonders for the genre.

One such upcoming RPG to keep an eye on is the top-down Liege, which was announced over on the TouchArcade Forums.

The focus of Liege is to create a compelling, character-focused narrative while simultaneously delivering "elegant, accessible tactical combat".

This would ordinarily be enough to make us sit up and take notice - if we weren't already sitting up and noticing Liege's sumptuous artwork.

A Game of what?

Aesthetics aside, Liege is still in its early development stages so we're not quite sure what we can expect from the finished tactical RPG just yet.

Liege features several colour-coded banners for noble houses like Tzarna, Martelle, and Rykhart, which makes our minds turn to Westeros, but we'll have to wait and see how these houses lend their influence to the world of Liege.

TouchArcade reports that we should see Liege hit the App Store sometime towards the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014, so you'll need to be a little patient before you can lose yourself in the lush lands of Liege.

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