Save Gotham from the Joker (again) in Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes on iOS
By James Gilmour 25 April 2013
Game Name: Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes | Developer: TT Games | Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Collection, Platform
The Caped Crusader is back on iOS, and he's ready to kick crime in its detachable plastic butt.

Stand back, little chums: it's Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes.

Though the latest platformer from Traveller's Tales's Lego stable has a lot in common with the 3DS and Vita versions of Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, this iOS adventure is a separate beast.

For starters, Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes features a brand-new story. Naturally, it still revolves around Lex Luthor and the Joker trying to bring down Gotham City, but - be honest - you'd be disappointed if it didn't.

It's not all about Bats and the Clown Prince of Crime in this game, however. All your favourite heroes and villains also make an appearance.

In fact, Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes boasts no fewer than 80 playable characters (the highest number ever to feature in a Lego Batman game).

Among the familiar faces are the Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Catwoman, Deadshot, and Harley Quinn.

Each of these heroes (or villains) comes with its own abilities. Whether you're experimenting with Batman's Batarang or blasting evil with Superman's heat vision, you're sure to have all the 'members' of Gotham's rogues gallery quaking in their boots.

If you've played the Lego Harry Potter games on iPhone or iPad, then you'll have a good idea of what to expect from Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes. Just imagine fewer wands, and more glowering.

You can download the game on iOS right now for £2.99 / $4.99.
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