Time-management title based on popular Kartrider MMO hits the iPhone
By Anthony Usher 22 August 2012
Game Name: KartRider Pit | Publisher: Nexon | Format: iPhone | Genre: Arcade
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You may have already guessed that new iPhone title Kartrider Pit is a time-management-cum-arcade title that's based on the massively multiplayer online racing franchise Kartrider. If you have, by the way, you're a clever bunny.

Anyway, your job in Kartrider Pit is to help Dao run a successful go-kart racing pit crew that can refuel, repair, tune, and service a vehicle in record time. Every time.

In order to do this, you'll have to direct incoming cars to appropriate stations and quickly dispatch trained teams to fix any problems that have arisen. You'll also have to spend time upgrading your equipment so that you can better cater to your customer's needs.

If you find your chores a little on the easy side, there's a special Speed mode built into the game that throws extra challenges and rewards your way.

You can download Kartrider Pit from the App Store for free right this second.

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