John Mad Run is a manly free preview of the upcoming Joan Mad Run
By Mark Brown 10 April 2014
Game Name: John Mad Run | Developer: Happymagenta | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Endless running, Shooter
John Mad Run

Indie studio Happymangenta is still hard at work on promising blood-soaked endless runner Joan Mad Run. But, to tide you over until launch, the developer has put out a free taster with Joan's male counterpart, John.

It's a simple little game of bouncing between three floors of an endless corridor as you pick up coins, avoid bombs, and gun down enemies.

The joy comes from the sharp pixel art visuals, and the bonkers weapons - like a samurai sword and a laser cannon - which you can get with in-game cash or by liking Happymagenta's Facebook profile.

Anyway, that animated GIF says more about the game than we could do in 1,000 words so we'll shut up and go home. If it looks like your kind of game, John Mad Run is available for free on iOS, right now.

The developer has told Pocket Gamer that it is entering "the homestretch with the iOS version of Joan", so you should expect that version - which has more environments, more guns, and fewer Y chromosomes - soon. We'll let you know.
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