Hello Games shares 10 tips, tricks, and secrets for Joe Danger on iOS
By Peter Willington 07 February 2013
Game Name: Joe Danger | Developer: Hello Games | Publisher: Hello Games | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Arcade, Conversion, Endless running, Racing
If you're trying to beat Gamer X and top the leaderboard in our ongoing Joe Danger challenge, or you're simply hunting down every last Game Center achievement in this side-scrolling racer, you'll be wanting some tip-top top tips.

To that end, I reached out to Joe Danger developer Hello Games, who didn't let me down in the slightest.

In fact, Hello Games MD Sean Murray supplied me with not one but ten essential bits of info each and every Joe Danger player needs to know.

Over to you, then, Sean...

1. Winning trophies and posting high scores is about chaining tricks together. Pick a character with 6+ max combo to compete for trophies.

2. Look out for UFOs. They appear at random, but are worth a massive 1,000 coins. Even more if you are playing with the 'right' character.

3. Wheelies stop mud from slowing you down, meaning you go faster for longer.

4. Got a Pro Medal? Challenge friends, for you both receive 200 coins instantly.

5. For rookie stuntmen, try starting out with a Donut spin (it's safer), then defy death with full forward and backward 1080 spins.

6. On a straight? Wheelie to overtake other racers.

7. The most determined daredevils just try to reach the finish line first, then come back for the Medals when they feel more confident.

8. Looking for coins? Start out with the undead monkey Chimpanzombie or the delicious Mr Sprinkleman to maximise coinage.

9. Try using a character with a high score bonus to grab hard-to-reach score trophies.

10. By reaching the credits level, you unlock a special treat. Don't let it go to your 'head'.

You should now have everything you need to record some excellent Joe Danger scores, so why not take on Gamer X and the rest of the Pocket Gamer community and win some fabulous prizes? Check out our Gamer X competition for more details.
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