[Update] Think you've got what it takes to beat our resident gaming god Gamer X at Joe Danger?
By Peter Willington 22 February 2013
Game Name: Joe Danger | Developer: Hello Games | Publisher: Hello Games | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Arcade, Conversion, Endless running, Racing
Updated on January 25th, at 15:55: Since Gamer X issued his original Tour 6 challenge to you, the PG community, it has been brought to our attention that there exists a dastardly exploit in this particular Tour.

We've been in touch with Gamer X to explain the situation. Gamer X took the news reasonably well.

Anyway, Gamer X's new challenge is detailed below. Good luck. Again.

Do you think you've got mad gaming skillz? Reckon you have unbelievable Tekken tekkers? Fancy winning some incredible one-of-a-kind prizes?

If you do, you should try taking on PG's newest recruit, Gamer X.

As you'd imagine, Gamer X is one helluva mysterious and enigmatic character. Heck, we don't even know Gamer X's gender. No, seriously: we don't.

What we do know, though, is that he / she / it is endowed with superhuman video gaming abilities. Gamer X is particularly proficient at smartphone and tablet games, though he / she isn't averse to a spot of CoD on PS3.

Danger! Danger!

This month, Gamer X is throwing down the gauntlet on the Pocket Gamer Gold Award-winning iOS racer Joe Danger.

To that end, Gamer X has asked me via telegram (again!) to issue the following challenge to the entire PG community:

"Dear PG readers STOP For your inaugural ass beating, I'll be thrashing you at Joe Danger STOP Challenge is: best total score on Tour 7 STOP None of you stands a chance STOP None of you stood a chance on Tour 6, either STOP I'll post my Tour 7 high score soon, by the way STOP"

Ready, set, go...

So, do YOU think you can beat Gamer X?

If you want to accept Gamer X's challenge, all you need to do is the following...

Updated on February 22nd, at 16:38: Wow. Just wow.

As befits his name, Jason Killingsworth has absolutely killed the competition. In the nicest possible way, of course.

Somehow, Jason racked up a score of over 23 million points on Tour 7 of Joe Danger. And then promptly told us about it. (Crucial, that bit, you see.) Incredible work. Simply incredible.

Andrew Roper, meanwhile, must be gutted about the final leaderboard, for his tally of 19 million was looking unbeatable there for a while.

Perhaps more impressive even than Jason's astonishing high score is this: the top 3 competitors on our final Joe Danger Game Center leaderboard currently occupy the third, fourth, and fifth spots in the ENTIRE world for Tour 7.

I'll say it again: wow.

Suffice it to say, these three top-ranking Joe Danger daredevils fully deserve their prizes. Which we will be sending out to them by carrier pigeon forthwith. Well done, all of you.

One last thing... Gamer X hasn't been returning my mails lately. I imagine he / she is still licking his / her wounds. I have a feeling, however, that we'll be, ahem, running into Gamer X again sooner than you think.

Updated on February 14th, at 16:44: You've got just one week left to register your Joe Danger high score in the comments section below. And with seven days remaining, we've updated the high score table for Tour 7.

Oh, and what a fight for the top spot it's become.

After languishing in fourth place for a few days, Andrew Roper has absolutely smashed the competition, and is now sitting comfortably in pole position in our inaugural Gamer X competition. Andrew's now actually ranked third IN THE ENTIRE WORLD for this Tour. I know!

Yes, previous Tour 7 frontrunner Andrew Berrill has been dethroned, while Daniel Frost isn't far behind in third. To even be in the same league as this terrific trio, by the way, you'll need to post a score of over 15 million on Tour 7.

Fourth, fifth, and sixth places are currently occupied by Santiago Salcedo, Joseph Smolenski, and Jason Killingsworth, respectively. Commendable efforts, chaps, but we know you can do better. Especially you, Jason.

So, with a week left in this ongoing race for glory, prizes, and acclaim, it's all to play for. Maybe you think YOU can thrash this lot? Prove it. Now.

Updated on January 30th, at 11:05: This competition's only been running for five days and yet the leaderboard is already chock-full of mind-boggingly high scores.

Andrew Berrill has clocked up a mighty 16,493,416 points to take pole position, with Daniel Frost in second place at the moment with just over 15 million. Jason Killingsworth, meanwhile, has posted a commendable 5 million and is looking comfortable in third.

Just out of the running for prizes (at the moment) are Kian Cheong Lim, Andrew Roper, and Mohit Hoskote. Pick up the pace, gents.

It's still absolutely anyone's race / game, of course, as none of these scores is unbeatable. We think. To get involved, simply add 'Pocket Gamer X' as a friend on Game Center, then post your high score in the comments section below.

Oh, yes, the prizes.

Should you finish in the Top 3 on Gamer X's Tour 7 leaderboard, you will be rewarded with some absolutely amazing swag.What are you waiting for, then, eh? Get gaming, and good luck!

Competition rules
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