First-person 3D endless runner Into The Dead coming to the App Store on Thursday
By Matthew Diener 04 December 2012
Game Name: Into the Dead | Publisher: PikPok Games | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Endless running
As the developer of such casual-friendly games like Flick Kick Football, PikPok Games isn't usually known for its horror titles.

The New Zealand developer is setting out to change this misconception, however, with the release of first-person endless runner Into the Dead, which launches players into the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

Featuring artistically rendered greyscale graphics that are punctuated only by the yellowy gleam of a zombie's eyes, this definitely looks like an endless runner that you'll want to play with the lights on.

Run for your life

In addition to simply fleeing, IGN reports that Into the Dead will allow players to dispatch the hordes of shambling corpses with a variety of weapons including a pistol, chainsaw, and mini-gun.

Like many endless runners, the background environments in Into the Dead will change based on how far you travel in a given run and the number of zombies will increase steadily as well.

Into the Dead will launch as a freemium game this Thursday, December 6.
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