Rock-solid pixel-art platformer Impossible Pixel hops onto the iPhone
By Anthony Usher 19 November 2012
Game Name: Impossible Pixel | Publisher: 99 Up Games | Format: iPhone | Genre: Platform
Developer 99 Up Games has just released a new pixel-art iPhone platformer that looks a lot like Armor Games' Shift, but plays a lot like League of Evil or Super Meat Boy.

It's called Impossible Pixel and it's available to download for 69p / 99c.

As its name suggests, Impossible Pixel is a tough game. It's packed full of 90-odd bite-sized levels that are filled with dangerous pits, spikes, spinning saws, and plenty of other painful hazards.

Your aim, as you may expect, is to avoid said obstacles and successfully traverse each stage in as fast a time as possible. There are also hidden coins to collect along the way, and three-star ratings to earn.

In Impossible Pixel, you control your protagonist with an on-screen analogue stick and a single 'jump' button.

Like in the aforementioned League of Evil, this game's budding hero can leap and double-jump, perform fast wall kicks, and slide slowly down flat surfaces.

While Impossible Pixel's controls are solid, the on-screen analogue stick feels slightly fiddly, and you don't feel as in control as you probably would with left and right arrow buttons.

Fingers crossed additional control schemes will be introduced in a future update. 

Speaking of future updates, 99 Up Games has promised that Impossible Pixel will "soon" be updated with iPad support.

In the meantime, you can grab this rather excellent platformer from the App Store for your iPhone for 69p / 99c.
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