Strap an undead bunny into a demonic jetpack in Sega's Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno for iOS
By James Gilmour 20 February 2013
Game Name: Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno | Developer: Pohlm Studio | Publisher: Sega | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Platform, Shooter
The bunny star of Sega's console platformer Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit has been given his very own mobile adventure. And that there mobile adventure is hopping onto the App Store at midnight tonight.

In Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno, then, you're back in charge of Ash, a demonic rabbit with a fondness for maiming hellbeasts.

Since hell has no shortage of slavering monsters, Ash can indulge his trigger-happy hobby to his black heart's content. Lucky, eh.

This time, though, he'll be blasting beasties from the back of his new jetpack driller, which will rocket him through 50 levels over five different worlds.

By the looks of things, Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno will follow the template laid down by the makers of Rayman Jungle Run and Joe Danger, i.e. take a successful console title and turn it into a fab mobile auto-runner.

Rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit SATAN

Though Sega hasn't explicitly stated that Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno is an auto-runner, the Japanese dev does heavily promote the game's simple two-button gameplay.

We're going to assume that these two buttons control jumping / thrusting and weapons, leaving the game to handle your acceleration.

As in its console counterpart, Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno is a visual orgy of bright colours and ungodly creatures, and is packed with collectibles and bonus skins.

You'll be able to download it from the App Store for 69p / 99c from midnight tonight.
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