X-Com: Enemy Unknown dev launches spooky strategy title Haunted Hollow
By James Gilmour 21 March 2013
Game Name: Haunted Hollow | Developer: Firaxis | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Strategy
Firaxis has just released a new strategy title onto the Canadian App Store. However, instead of trotting out a port of one of its acclaimed X-Com or Civilization games to mobile devices, the US dev has created a spooky iOS exclusive called Haunted Hollow.

The aim of the game is to build your own creepy gothic mansion. This house has the ability to spawn a selection of horror movie creatures.

Before the dust has settled on your newly built pad, you'll be knee-deep in witches, vampires, zombies, and all manner of other gruesome monsters.

With your nightmare army assembled, you can then use your unholy horde to battle enemies, freak out the locals, and claim the town for yourself.

You can play Haunted Hollow as a single-player experience against enemy AI. Alternatively, you can engage in some scary multiplayer competition, either locally or via Game Center.

This is a free-to-play title, mind, so prepare to have a few pulsating pop-ups direct you towards the game's selection of in-app purchases.

Canadian residents can download Haunted Hollow for free right now. The rest of the world can look forward to getting their spook on when the game launches globally later this spring.
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