Grab Half-Inch Heist at midnight this evening and become a master thief
By Anthony Usher 23 January 2013
Game Name: Half-Inch Heist | Developer: Mutant Labs | Publisher: Mutant Labs | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Arcade, Hardcore
We wouldn't call ourselves master thieves here at Pocket Gamer Towers, but we do know a thing or two about the ancient art of pilfering.

For example, we know that it requires massive gonads, as well as endurance, fast reactions, and nerves of steel.

In Mutant Labs's Half-Inch Heist, which has just stealthy wandered onto Apple's New Zealand App Store, you'll need all of the above to breach secure vaults and grab priceless gems.

Sneaking into said vaults undetected isn't the hard part, though.

It's getting back out in one piece that's the problem.

Each level in Half-Inch Heist is packed to the rafters with deadly enemies, malicious bosses, and menacing anti-theft contraptions like burning lasers and heat-seeking rockets.

If all of this sounds up your alley, download Half-Inch Heist in the UK and US from around midnight this evening for free.

Now that is a steal.
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