F2P version of Gold Award-winning rhythm-action game Groove Coaster now available on iOS
By James Gilmour 20 November 2012
Game Name: Groove Coaster Zero | Publisher: Taito | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Music/ Rhythm
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Kaleidoscopic rhythm-action title Groove Coaster has been re-released on iPhone and iPad in freemium form.

Going under the new name Groove Coaster Zero, this free-to-play version of the visually dazzling iOS music title has you unlocking new levels and levelling-up your avatar as you progress.

Throughout the game, you will also earn gold coins, which you can spend on new songs. If you're prepared to shell out some real money, however, you can buy additional premium tracks via IAPs.

The gameplay itself in this F2P edition remains the same as its premium brother's, however: you watch and listen as your small avatar races along a snaking vector line, tapping in time with the music when prompted.

Groove is in the heart

If you already own Groove Coaster, you'll discover plenty of new songs to learn and perfect. You'll also find yourself eligible to receive three limited edition tracks, available exclusively to Groove Coaster veterans.

As for the rest of you, well, you'll just have to settle for playing this visually exciting, sonically engaging, Gold Award-winning game for free. Tough life, eh.

You can download Groove Coaster Zero on iPhone and iPad free of charge right now.

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