Sloppy iPhone puzzler Gluey drips onto the iPhone for 69p/99c
By Anthony Usher 22 August 2012
Game Name: Gluey | Publisher: MobileAge | Format: iPhone | Genre: Puzzle
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There are literally thousands of puzzle games on Apple's App Store, so it's ruddy difficult to stand out in this genre.

MobileAge's Gluey, which landed on the iPhone last week, looks to be a little different, however.

In it, you're tasked with rescuing various coloured blobs called Glueys from a strange container by blowing stuff up, messing with gravity, and - if all else fails - unleashing nuclear weapons.

All the time, the Glueys will be sloshing, splatting, splitting, and agglutinating. Oh, and they'll be under constant threat from toxic waste and other hazards. It's a tad hard to explain, so be sure to check out the trailer below.

We'd love to play this game on our iPad, but it's currently only available for the iPhone. It'll set you back 69p / 99c if you fancy it.

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