Apple offers developers more tools in Game Center in iOS 7 to tackle dirty rotten cheaters
By Harry Slater 24 September 2013
Game Name: Game Center | Manufacturer: Apple | Format: iPhone, iPad
It looks like Apple hasn't just given Game Center a lick of paint in iOS 7 to make it look like the fever dream of a Tango bottle.

Nope, Apple has also added some new Game Center tools to help iOS game developers combat cheats.

With these new tools, iOS developers can stop players unfairly reaching the summit of online leaderboards, and thus preventing all us honest players from clambering to those lofty peaks ourselves.

Devs will now be able to reject scores they know have been tampered with, and can set ceilings on scores so that 'impossible' point tallies don't show up on the Game Center leaderboards in the first place.

Press right, right, up, down, left to get rid of cheats

On top of that, there'll be more tools for devs to use to recognise cheaters in the first place. Plus, they'll even have the power to ban people outright if they're found to be gaming the, err, game.

Furthermore, Apple has tweaked Game Center to allow developers to offer up to 500 leaderboards per game and to categorise those leaderboards in different ways (such as by difficulty).

There are better multiplayer challenges, too, with devs able to take greater control over how the challenges are managed.

And, perhaps most importantly, all of that horrible green felt has gone. Hurrah.

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