[Update] Think you've got what it takes to beat our resident gaming god Gamer X at Fruit Ninja?
By Peter Willington 24 May 2013
Game Name: Fruit Ninja | Publisher: Halfbrick Studios | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Casual
Gamer X is back with another challenge for you.

A multi-disciplined master gamer - whose identity remains a closely guarded secret - Gamer X sets a ridiculously high score on Game Center every month in an iOS game of his / her / its choosing.

The enigmatic Gamer X then challenges you - yes, you! - to best that aforementioned high score. If you manage to rise to the challenge, you may walk away with prizes galore and, of course, Internet FameTM.

Feeling fruity?

In our two previous Gamer X competitions, our resident gaming god laid down the Game Center gauntlet in side-scroller Joe Danger and endless-runner Temple Run 2.

On this occasion, however, Gamer X will be putting your reaction skills to the ultimate test in Fruit Ninja for iOS.

As is tradition with our man / woman of mystery, Gamer X has issued his Fruit Ninja Game Center challenge by telegram:

"Now, you will see what I am truly made of. The next game we'll be playing is Fruit Ninja on iOS. The mode is Classic, and my top score (so far) on the iPhone version is 786. My top score on the iPad version is 898. Yes, I know."

So, do YOU think you can beat Gamer X?

If you fancy your chances, all you need to do is the following...

Updated on May 24th, at 15:05: Enrique Herrera is very, very, very good at Fruit Ninja and Fruit Ninja HD.

He's proven this by posting not one but two absolutely gigantic competition-winning scores. A massive congratulations to Enrique for his efforts, then.

Congratulations must also go to Jeremy Eden, Marcus Chow, Nagy Balázs, and David Klein, who each 'walk' away with some mega prizes for finishing in second and third places on the two Fruit Ninja Gamer X leaderboards.

If you weren't a winner this time around, do not worry: we've just launched ANOTHER ace Gamer X competition.

So, if you reckon you're a dab hand at Impossible Road, come and put your proverbial money where your mouth is.

*By the way, could all of the winners please send an email to Gamer X's personal account with a screenshot of their Game Center ID as proof of entry.

Updated on May 17th, at 14:15: We're heading into our final week of competition, and it looks like this one might be all sewn up.

Nagy Balázs has swooped in with a gigantic Fruit Ninja HD score of 1715 to take top spot on that game's leaderboard, you see.

Aside from that, though, there's not been much movement across the two Gamer X Fruit Ninja leaderboards over the past seven days.

Can anyone shake things up now, or are Nagy, Enrique, David, Jeremy, and Marcus destined to walk off with the booty?

Only time will tell. Seven days, in fact.

Updated on May 10th, at 11:30: As expected, the really, really high Fruit Ninja scores are starting to pour in during the second week of our competition.

It's all thanks to Enrique Herrera, in truth, who has absolutely decimated the competition with some massive scores on both Fruit Ninja and Fruit Ninja HD.

That's not to say Enrique's unbeatable, of course.

Jeremy Eden and Nagy Balázs could both conceivably topple the new kid on the ninja block, while a hitherto-unknown contender may well emerge over the next seven days.

In the meantime, keep on slashing!

Updated on May 3rd, at 10:35: One week into our Fruit Ninja-based competition, and the top prizes are still anyone's for the taking.

Possibly even yours!

We've witnessed some sterling performances already from our Gamer X community, with Jeremy Eden and Nassir Taha topping their respective leaderboards.

To be quite frank, mind, we don't think Nassir's and Jeremy's top scores are gonna be sufficient to win this competition. Plus, Gamer X has vowed to up his / her game over the weekend and return to his / her rightful place at the top of the charts. So, there.

Get your highest Fruit Ninja and Fruit Ninja HD scores in now, then, for a chance to win some amazing prizes (see below for details).

Oh, and don't forget: you need to add Pocket Gamer X as a friend on Game Center for your score to count.

So, should you prove yourself a worthy virtual slasher in the Classic mode of Fruit Ninja and Fruit Ninja HD, you could be in line to win some awesome prizes for your efforts.

And those prizes are...

Fruit Ninja (for iPhone) - get it here
Fruit Ninja HD (for iPad) - get it here
(Oh, and before anyone asks: no, we're not taking entries from Android users for this competition. We are working on a Gamer X competition for 'droid gamers, though. Stay tuned.)

Competition rules
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