Free iPhone and iPad games - AXL: Full Boost, Max Awesome
By Anthony Usher 24 April 2013
Game Name: Free iPhone Games | Format: iPhone, iPad
Welcome to another instalment of Pocket Gamer's free game round-up - a feature that highlights the top App Store titles that have been made free in the past 24 hours.

As we always say before, prices in the App Store change frequently. So grab these freebies before you miss out on a top bargain.

Remember to let us and your fellow readers know about any other great free apps in our comments section below.

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AXL: Full Boost
By SpinVector - download for iPhone and iPad

It's 2184. It's four years since the notorious Polis incident that completely ruined your good reputation. It's time to win back the approval of your peers by taking part in - and winning - a variety of futuristic races.

There are 12 unique Shape-Changing Shifter vehicles from which to choose in this WipEout-esque racer. And guess what? Yep, you're tasked with piloting one of them around 16 different tracks.

AXL: Full Boost features three different game modes. There's a Career (or Starcade) mode that's packed with 71 race events, plus Free Run and Custom Race modes.

Max Awesome
By Rebel Crew - download for iPhone and iPad

You've got to take risks if you want to be an Evel Knievel-style daredevil legend.

In Max Awesome, you put your life on the line as you jump, duck, and flip your way across 60 perilous courses that are filled with bombs, spikes, and plenty of other hazards.

Complete objectives as you progress, and you'll unlock new helmets, outfits, and even bikes for your on-screen pain magnet.

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