Free apps of the day - Polara, ShaqDown
By Anthony Usher 15 February 2013
Game Name: Free iPhone Games | Format: iPhone, iPad
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Your name's Lara. You've just stolen a super-secret military suit from a heavily guarded research facility. You now have to avoid a whole heap of traps and safely escape to a nearby city.

Polara, then, is a free-running platformer with a twist. Tap the right side of your device's display, and your on-screen sprinter will change from red to blue.

When she's blue, Lara can bypass similarly coloured obstacles and hazards (such as lasers) and take advantage of blue springboards.

She can interact with red objects when she's red. As you would have no doubt guessed.


In ShaqDown, you pull on the sneakers of former Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic, and LA Lakers superstar Shaquille O'Neal and beat down a sentient breed of zombies who have enslaved mankind.

All three of the levels featured in this colourful title are packed full of undead brawlers. Oh, and huge boss characters that require all your superhuman strength to defeat.

Download both games now, and be sure to grab the best free apps every day via the Free App Alliance app.
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