Free apps of the day - Super Monsters Ate My Condo!, Frocket
By Anthony Usher 12 February 2013
Game Name: Free iPhone Games | Format: iPhone, iPad
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Super Monsters Ate My Condo!

Adult Swim's Silver Award-winning Super Monsters Ate My Condo! is an extremely colourful match-three puzzler in which you're tasked with combining three or more similarly coloured apartments.

Your twin aims, then, are to complete more than 90 varied missions and bag as many points as you possibly can in just two minutes.

Missions include nabbing specific combos and reaching a pre-determined high score.


In Frocket, you take control of a jetpack-wearing swamp creature who must traverse a variety of puzzle-filled levels in search of lovely cupcakes.

Each level in this game houses three shiny collectible stars, as well as fireflies. You can trade in the latter for plenty of power-ups.

Frocket features a secondary Score Attack mode that enables you to compete against your friends on online leaderboards.

Download both games now, and be sure to grab the best free apps every day via the Free App Alliance app.
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