Free apps of the day - About Love, Hate and the other ones, 2XL Snocross
By Anthony Usher 21 January 2013
Game Name: Free iPhone Games | Format: iPhone, iPad
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About Love, Hate and the other ones

About Love, Hate and the other ones is a fun platformer in which you're tasked with a helping two cute and cuddly characters - Love and Hate - find their way back home.

You do this across four unique worlds and 70 handcrafted levels, which are packed full of challenging puzzles and little critters known as the "other ones".

There are six different "other ones" and they all have a unique ability. Naturally, you won't get far in this game if you don't learn how to properly utilise each of these talents. 

2XL Snocross

Making snowmen and hurling snowballs is good. Thrashing around eight snow-covered tracks on the back of a high-powered snow mobile, however, is better.

Luckily, your aim in 2XL Snocross is to do just that.

2XL Snocross is packed full of customisable sleds and real-world medal-winning racers, as well as a multiplayer mode that allows you to compete over wi-fi against four other players.

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