Free apps of the day - Angry Birds Rio, Kiko: The Last Totem
By Anthony Usher 17 January 2013
Game Name: Free iPhone Games | Format: iPhone, iPad
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Angry Birds Rio

You should all be familiar with Rovio's Bronze Award-winning physics-puzzler by now. If you aren't, you've obviously been in a coma or on planet Mars for the past couple of years.

Anyway, this excellent puzzle game now features more than 180 standard levels set in the glorious samba-soaked city of Rio de Janeiro. 

Find the hidden fruit throughout these levels, and you can unlock no fewer than 24 bonus stages, too.

Angry Birds Rio features hours of challenging gameplay and a whole bunch of unlockable Game Center-powered achievements.

Kiko: The Last Totem

Kiko: The Last Totem is an iPad puzzle game in which you're tasked with flicking colourful characters through obstacle-filled levels towards similarly coloured targets.

You do this across 200 levels and four unique worlds - all of which are packed with opportunities to unlock achievements for your Game Center profile.

Once you've completed the game, you can create your very own stages using the in-game editor, and share them with the rest of the world. 

Download both games now, and be sure to grab the best free apps every day via the Free App Alliance app.
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