Free apps of the day - Ski Safari, War on Terror
By Anthony Usher 05 December 2012
Game Name: Free iPhone Games | Format: iPhone, iPad
Good news, folks: Pocket Gamer is partnering with the Free App Alliance in order to highlight some of the App Store's best free apps every single day.

As we always say, prices in the App Store change frequently, so be sure to grab these freebies before you miss out on a top bargain.

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Ski Safari

Ski Safari is an excellent endless-running title that nabbed a shiny Bronze Award when it sprinted through our review room back in April.

In this game, you take on the role of an extreme sport-loving mountain dweller called Sven. Your aim is to stay one step ahead of the relentless avalanche that's crushed your house and is now chasing you downhill.

Ski Safari is filled with animals that will aid your escape efforts. Jump on the back of a penguin, for example, and you can glide for longer distances. Grab hold of a eagle and it'll allow you to soar to great heights.

Completing in-game objectives as you play will increase your multiplier and lead to a higher score.

War on Terror

War on Terror is a strategy title that's based on a popular satirical boardgame of the same name.

Your aim is to liberate the entire world from the clutches of various terrorist parties. Along the way, you must battle to control oil supplies and form superficial alliances with other players in order to survive.

This game features original artwork by award-winning illustrator Tom Morgan-Jones, music by Robert Taliesin Owen, and even a song by the one-and-only Jarvis Cocker.

Download both games now, and be sure to grab the best free apps every day via the Free App Alliance app.
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