Futuristic racing sequel Flashout 2 will accelerate onto iOS on March 27th
By Chris Priestman 07 March 2014
Game Name: Flashout 2 | Developer: Jujubee Games Studio | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Multiplayer, Racing
Jujubee Games's slick futuristic racing game sequel Flashout 2 will be whizzing onto iOS on March 27th.

Flashout 3D was alright, I suppose, but it was no WipEout. However, we went hands-on with Flashout 2 a few months ago and came away very much impressed.

In Flashout 2, you'll need to find the best racing lines, dive into shortcuts, and blast opponents down with rockets. We only got to check out the single-player mode in that preview session, so we can only hope that the multiplayer is up to scratch.

Jujubee says that iOS controller support will be included out of the gate in Flashout 2, incidentally. This is great news for all concerned. Including you.

That March 27th launch date is only applicable to the iOS version of the game, by the way. So, yep, you Android folk will have to wait a little longer to get your hands on Flashout 2.

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