Halfbrick adds a new 'Pro' scoring system and some magic hats to Fish Out of Water!
By Harry Slater 26 July 2013
Game Name: Fish Out Of Water! | Publisher: Halfbrick Studios | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Arcade
Halfbrick has updated its Bronze Award-winning fish tosser Fish Out of Water! with some rather stylish hats and a new scoring system.

You can now choose from and purchase 12 different costumes with your rubies.

These outfits don't just make a cosmetic difference, though. You see, each costume has an appreciable effect on your fishy's performance.

That means your favourite fish will now be able to bounce higher, fly farther, and skip longer with his new 'party frock' on.

Halfbrick has also introduced a Pro Scoring System in this latest update, so you can now rack up scores of 100,000 of higher (rather than just a measly 10).

This will, of course, mean finer differences between scores. Jostling for that top leaderboard position just got a whole lot more interesting.

The updated Fish Out of Water! is live on the App Store right now. The game will cost you 69p / 99c.
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