Final Fantasy V gets swish new graphics in pricey iOS remake
By Mark Brown 27 March 2013
Game Name: Final Fantasy V | Publisher: Square Enix  | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: RPG
Just as the prophets (or, more specifically, Japanese website FF-Reunion) foretold, Square Enix will unleash retro role-playing game Final Fantasy V on iPhone and iPad before the month is out.

At midnight tonight, in fact.

In this Super Nintendo RPG, you follow a quartet of heroes - traveller Bartz, Princess Lenna, the mysterious Galuf, and pirate captain Faris - as they travel the land in search of four elemental crystals.

Like a greatest hits collection of FF ideas, Final Fantasy V contains the Active Time Battle system that was introduced in Final Fantasy IV, but also includes the old job mechanic from Final Fantasy III.

Final Fantasy V

This iOS remake of Final Fantasy V is largely a faithul recreation of the original game, albeit with a few new additions.

For one, Squeenix has included The Sealed Temple and super-boss Enuo from the Game Boy Advance version, which we dubbed "a highly customisable adventure for anyone seeking a role-playing challenge".

Square Enix has also ditched the classic pixel-art graphics from the 1992 game in favour of new artwork. Don't fret, though: these new character and enemy images come from the SNES game's original artist, Kazuko Shibuya.

Sound good? Final Fantasy V will cost you an eye-watering £11.99 / $16.99 when it hits international App Stores around midnight tonight. It should surface on Android a little later this year.
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