[Update] iOS Emulation - How to play GBA games on your iPhone without a jailbreak
By Mark Brown 03 October 2013
Game Name: Emulation | Format: iPhone
Updated on October 3rd, at 10:30: This hack is working again. You just need to change the date on your iPhone before downloading to get it to work.

We've updated the guide with new links and steps.

Up until recently, only those wily tinkerers who had jailbroken their prized Apple gizmo could run emulators on iOS.

Not so more, my friend.

Some clever clog has figured out how to skate past Apple's rules and get ZodTTD's gpSPhone emulator on any old iPhone without having to hack your device.

This nifty emulator, named GBA4iOS, enables you to load ROMs from iTunes File Sharing or Safari; boasts save states and auto save; and fills the iPhone 5's screen. Sadly, the sound is a little dodgy and the frame rate isn't perfect.

But anyway. If you fancy playing Advance Wars on your iPhone this morning, follow this quick and easy tutorial. Except you shouldn't. Because, well, that's illegal.

Note: Pocket Gamer does not condone piracy, and offers this information for entertainment purposes only. We also take no responsibility if you follow this guide and manage to bugger up your iOS device in the process.

First things first, head into the Settings app on your iOS device. Choose General, and then Date & Time. Now set the date to any time before July 17, 2013.
GBA on iOS

Now open Safari and head to this page to get the most recent version of GBA4iOS.

Follow the relevant link and you should get to a drop down list.

Choose GBA4iOS and hit done. Then hit "Confirm" on the pop-up.
GBA on iOS

Once the app has installed, you should be able to set your date and time back to normal. Then try to load the app.

If, for whatever reason, it doesn't work, try reinstalling the emulator, putting your phone in Airplane mode, or putting the date back before July when using the emulator.
GBA on iOS

The emulator will now appear on your Home screen like any other app.

You will get this pop-up the very first time you load GBA4iOS, but just hit 'Continue' and you'll be good to go.
GBA on iOS

There are two ways to get ROMs onto the emulator.

You can simply find a ROM file (or one that's in a zip file) on the internet.

Download it with Safari. Once it's done, you'll see a button that says 'Open in...'

Give it a tap, and choose 'Open in GBA4iOS' to move it to the emulator.

GBA on iOS
Alternatively, you can download the ROMs onto your computer, and transfer them across using iTunes.

Open iTunes, plug in your device, and choose it from the left-hand column.

Then click 'Apps' along the top bar, and you'll find GBA4iOS under 'File Sharing'. Simply drag your ROM file into this list and sync your device.

GBA on iOS

Whichever method you choose, simply pick the game from the ROM list in GBA4iOS and it will start playing.

Enjoy the game, you filthy pirate!
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