Free-to-play iOS mining puzzler Dwarven Den is collecting energy for launch on May 1st
By Chris Priestman 28 April 2014
Game Name: Dwarven Den | Developer: Backflip Studios | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Puzzle
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The dwarves in Dwarven Den are very unfit. They can't mine more than a few dirt blocks without panting and puffing.

There are TWO reasons the dwarves in Dwarven Den are so unfit. I know you were wondering.

Firstly, it's to ensure that you plan the swings of your pickaxe in advance. This is a puzzle game, after all. Your mission is to free the dwarf trapped in the crystal at the end of each level.

To move through the levels, you have to mine through dirt, blow up stone with bombs, and avoid enemies. You do all this while refilling your energy at purple crystals scattered throughout the levels.

The other reason the dwarves are so unfit is to serve the game's free-to-play design.

If you do run out of energy, then you can use gems to get some more and save yourself. If you don't have gems, you can purchase some with real cash.

You can also trade your cash for in-game Gold, which you use to craft better equipment. The better your clothes and tools, the better your chances of surviving for longer.

Dwarven Den seems to be a decent free-to-play puzzler, then. It'll be out for iOS on May 1st.
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