What's new in Draw Something 2?
By Mark Brown 03 April 2013
Game Name: Draw Something 2 | Publisher: OMGPOP | Format: iPhone | Genre: Casual | Networking: wireless (network)
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OMGPOP's Pictionary sensation Draw Something swept all before it on the web for a spell in 2012. Despite all that success, though, it's not the most obvious contender for a sequel.

Draw Something is incredibly simple. You choose a word and draw it to the best of your ability. Then, a friend has to guess what the heck your ham-fisted doodle is supposed to represent.

There's not much room for iteration there, is there?

Draw Something Else

But if anyone can squeeze the metaphorical blood from the Draw Something stone, it's Zynga, the monster gaming conglomerate which purchased OMGPOP for a cool $180 million early last year.

So, since Draw Something's sequel has just gone live in Sweden (Swedes get an early launch on account of the original game racing to the #1 spot in the App Store in their country first), we thought we'd have a play and see what's new.

Once you sign up for an account and choose an opponent (from Facebook, from your contacts, from a username, or from a random pool of players), you're given three words from which to pick.

Draw Something 2

If you don't like the options, you can pay up to get a fresh batch of words. Or you can buy a pack of themed words, like country music, body parts, or weapons. If you're really lazy, you can just recycle an old picture you drew.

The actual drawing interface in this sequel is largely the same as the one in its predecessor. You can doodle, change your pen size, pull out an eraser, undo your last stroke, and change colour.

Obviously, you can pay to gain access to a wider array of hues. But there are also different pens to buy, like the sparkle pen, pattern pen, stamp, and pixel-art pen. That last one sounds like fun.

Draw Something 2

When you finish your drawing, you can add a caption and choose to save the picture to your album or share it on Facebook and Twitter. So, look forward to about a billion terrible doodles showing up on your timelines in the near future.

There's also this huge social network aspect to the game. You've got a gallery where you can look at your own drawings or see pictures from your friends, celebs, recommended artists. Plus, there are Zynga-curated galleries like 'Doodle of the Day' and 'Draw Something Fails'.

Draw Something 2

Whether you snatch the free version or Draw Something 2 or buy the premium edition, there will always be more stuff to purchase.

With Coins - the soft currency you earn as you play - you can buy some pens and colours. For everything else, you'll need to buy stars via in-app purchases. These handy doodads enable you to buy hints, new pens, fresh colours, and extra words.

So, that's Draw Something 2, folks. Largely the same as before, but now you can stamp a moustache on your drawing and share your hideous artwork on Twitter. Joy.

Draw Something 2 will go live on international App Stores soon.
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