Dragons Dream
Stay out of the den
By Damien McFerran 06 December 2012
Game Name: Dragons Dream | Publisher: Appshen | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Arcade, Endless running | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
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Gamers of a certain age - not to mention music lovers - will prick up their ears whenever the name Roger Dean is uttered.

Dean is an illustrator of immense talent who can trace his career all the way back to the days of prog-rock band Yes, whose album covers were adorned with his handiwork.

Later finding a new fanbase through his association with the now-defunct Psygnosis, Dean is beloved of an entire generation of gamers who still cherish their big-box Amiga copies of Shadow of the Beast purely because of his lush artwork.

It's with a combination of joy and apprehension that we see Dean's art getting a new lease of life on iOS. It's still beautiful, but it deserves better than being slapped over yet another endless highscore game.
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Using Roger Dean's art is a masterstroke, but Dragons Dream looks better than it plays and offers little that hasn't been seen elsewhere in the genre
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