Dr. Jolt
A shock to the system
By Damien McFerran 21 March 2013
Game Name: Dr. Jolt | Developer: Side-Kick | Publisher: Side-Kick | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Casual, Puzzle | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
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Messing about with electricity isn't a wise move, but in the case of Dr. Jolt we'll gladly make an exception.

The object of Dr. Jolt is to activate a series of light bulbs. To do this, all you need do is hold down your finger on the screen. Lightning will issue forth and illuminate the bulb providing it is close enough.

Relays allow you to chain the lightning so that it travels even farther, and some of these can be picked up and positioned exactly where you want them.

Light up the world

The end result is that Dr. Jolt becomes an exercise in placement - you have to ensure everything is in the correct location so that when you touch your finger on the screen the resultant charge of lightning is effectively carried around the stage, triggering all of the bulbs and as many bonus 'stars' as possible. The more of these stars you hit, the more coins you receive.
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Despite showcasing a slightly annoying IAP mechanic which often prevents prolonged play, Dr. Jolt offers some seriously entertaining puzzle action
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