Your own bullet is your worst enemy in fresh-looking iPhone and iPad puzzle game Don't Shoot Yourself!
By Chris Priestman 11 October 2013
Game Name: Don't Shoot Yourself! | Developer: Silverware Games | Publisher: Ayopa Games | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Arcade
The maker of Don't Shoot Yourself! isn't insulting your intelligence with that game name. The title is actually a vital warning.

You see, Don't Shoot Yourself! is all about creating your own bullet-hell. In other words, the bullets fired automatically out of your small ship are your best friends and your worst enemies.

In each of the 50 levels, the boss challenges, and Infinite Mode, your task is one of survival. Put simply, you fire 100 bullets into your little prison. They'll bounce off the walls and fly in just about every direction possible.

If your ship takes too much damage, the melodic music will start to scratch and rewind. Worst of all, though, you'll be struck down and forced to retry. Pretty tough going.

If and when you do manage to survive for the entire length of time it takes to fire the 100 bullets, you'll fire a magic bullet that breaks the walls of the level so you can escape.

The levels in Don't Shoot Yourself! have unique designs. In them, the dev depicts themes such as Flower Power. You may even recognise some gaming icons among the backdrops.

If, for some reason, you wanted to share your failures with friends, by the way, you can upload a replay and do precisely that. I'd stick with just sharing your successes, mind.

We're told that Don't Shoot Yourself! will be available as a Universal app on iOS on November 13th. It'll be priced 69p / 99c. Try not to hurt yourself before then, please.
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